1981 Charvel Telly Bass

Early Charvel bass with a rare 5-digit serial plate. It was ordered from Germany in 1980 and shipped in 1981. The bass is similar to Dusty Hill's Charvel as seen in the famous ZZ Top Rockpalast live concert. Dusty's original was his favorite bass back then but unfortunately it got stolen in the mid 80s. This is a very accurate replica and from the same time period. Being a big ZZ Top fan this bass is as good as it gets for me! It looks stunning in person and the neck has that "broken-in" feel to it. Since it's been used a lot during its life it also carries the scars to prove it.

The bass seems to be all original apart from an added string-tree and possibly changed tone pot. The bridge is manufactured by Stars Guitars. Body is made of two pieces of flame maple and the neck is one piece of flame maple! They clearly didn't make compromises back then! The woods deliver a very pleasant articulate tone and this bass has served me well in many situations from recording to live performance. I have to mention that I used it when having the priviledge to play bass for a legendary Finnish rocker Kari Peitsamo!

This bass was also featured in the Charvel Photo book consisting of old factory pics. The neck pocket markings state the project numbers 404 & 484. It also has a date 7-23 marked by initials H.B. Also written are instructions "Do not route top" and "Do not contour". Luckily I have all the factory paperwork for this bass which you can view below...

Big thanks to Robert!