1987 Jackson Strathead Strat Custom

Jackson Stratheads are really rare and this is only the second reverse headstock that I've seen anywhere. Log entry matches and the guitar is all original apart from the bridge pickup. Work order number is 0577 (nice co-incidence since my Blue V is serial J0577) and is marked on both body and neck. Date 4-28-87 in the neck pocket has also absorbed to the neck. White color is mentioned in the Kahler route. OD (means oiled neck, decal logo) is also stated. Headstock has a black Jackson logo with TM instead of R. Probably one of the last such Jacksons as TM markings had already disappeared from white logos at this point.

The previous owner bought the guitar at a pawnshop auction in Helsinki circa 10 years ago. Earlier the guitar had seen a lot of heavy use resulting in lots of scratches and dings on the body as well as considerable amount of fretwear. The neck has been worn in to that legendary mojo feel. The neck profile is quite fat for an Ontario Jackson and feels very similar to a 1985 San Dimas Charvel I used to own. The body is alder and resonates nicely and delivers a suprisingly smooth and balanced sound.

Huge thanks to Matti!!!