1989 Jackson Telly Custom

When I opened the case and saw this guitar for the first time I couldn't believe my eyes. I've seen mint guitars but this one is a true time capsule. The guitar looked like it's never been out of the case. The hardware is perfect - no scratches or wear. The only thing that gives away its age is the yellowing of the laquer.

WO 5584 - dated 2/7/89 by HG. The specs of this guitar are somewhat interesting. Non-recessed JT590 without pullback cavity. J95 and J200 pickups with JE1000 electronics (2 9V batteries!). Push pull knobs for boost activation and coil splitting. Rockinger / Kahler black box trem blocker that probably has been added later. 2-piece poplar body. Ebony fretboard on an oiled maple neck. Black pearl finish with matching headstock, creme binding on body. Medium frets. Very comfortable flat neck profile similar to my 1985 Charvel Star but a little thinner. R4 nut.

This guitar plays itself and with the enourmous amount of gain from the J95 and JE1000 combo the sounds just crushes. And of course you can't go wrong with the classic look of a bound black tele body. Reminds me of the first Jackson Telly ever built which is cool. :)

Big thanks to Ian!