Jackson Flying V Custom

I bought this guitar from Ebay in March 2008. I took a risk I wouldn't normally take as the auction pics weren't good and I didn't get more information from the seller. This guitar has an original Jackson Roundhorn / Flying V body WO 5610 with a small electronics cavity identical to Robbin Crosby's famous Dragon V. The neck and neckplate seem to be a mismatch with the body. The neck has 1988 written on it which normally is the WO but of course could also be the built year. Personally I think the neck and neck plate are from a mid 87 guitar that had either a Kahler or JT-6 bridge and the body is from early 89 or late 88.

This guitar is a perfect thrash metal weapon with heavy poplar body that delivers huge tone without any muddiness. I'm considering finding another neck for it that has a R3 nut to match the bridge. In any case the risk I took paid off even if everything wasn't as expected. Great guitars are great guitars original or not.