Jackson Star Custom

Sometimes you get lucky. I searched for a Jackson Star around the whole
world and then a simple classifieds ad in muusikoiden.net did the trick.
This guitar might very well be the only Jackson Star in Finland and there aren't
too many worldwide either. I had never tried one before but I was always interested
since I was a W.A.S.P. fan and Chris Holmes used four different Jackson and Charvel
Stars in the 80s.

The original owner of this guitar ordered it in 1988 through Hämeenlinnan Musiikki which probably means that the guitar was imported by Musamaailma (I believe that back then the store was called Downtown Guitars). The guitar is still all original. I called Riki to talk about the guitar and here's what he had to say:

"I saw this Death Angel video where Rob Cavestany played a cool Jackson guitar. I wanted a similar one with a simple layout. The oil neck and J-50BC with JE-1000 electronics were something I had tried earlier and liked. The plain logo was also my idea. I used to play in a metal band called Blind Reality at the time. At one point we were the opening act for Stone. Finnish guitar virtuoso Roope Latvala wanted to try this guitar out so I loaned it to him for a day. He liked it very much."

On the left is a picture of Riki playing the guitar live in 1989.

Riki traded the guitar to his friend Junnu in the late 90s. When Junnu switched to playing a 7-string the Star wasn't used anymore. I bought it from Junnu in May of 2003 and now this guitar is my number one player.

Throughout the Jackson/Charvel Custom Shop history employees have used different markings on the guitars to keep track on which neck belongs to which body etc. They wrote these markings on places that are not visible after setup. This guitar must be one of the most marked ones. Every cavity has something written to it. I found the work order number from four places - neck pocket, neck heel, tremolo cavity and under truss rod cover. Below are some pictures taken when I took the guitar apart for inspection.

From the above pics you can see that the WO number is 6828. OBD stands for oiled neck with black logo decal. Scalloped heel is a rare custom feature and it was marked to the neck pocket. Rest of the markings are dates and employee signatures. Two of the signatures are from same employees as on my J5622. Thanks for your great work ! :)

Below a couple of more pics taken when I received the guitar 22.05.2003. What a great day that was!

Huge thanks to Junnu and Riki!!!