Jackson Star Custom

Sometimes you get lucky and then it happens again. :)
In 2003 I found what I thought was the only Jackson Star ever ordered to Finland. I was wrong. January 2006 I got an email from Tuomas telling that he knows of another one. Naturally I was very interested. Tuomas was very helpful and linked me with the original owner Kartza from Turku. Soon afterwards we made a deal on the guitar and here it is.

The guitar was ordered April 1991 from Fazer Musiikki in Turku. Star body was influenced by Akira Takasaki of Loudness. The color was ordered as Candy Blue that Kartza had seen on a Charvel Fusion Custom, but it came out darker than normal. The pickup layout was inspired by Charvel 3DR so basically this guitar has little pieces of J/C history all over it. Original pickups were a Jackson blade humbucker and EMG81 that had to be installed in the store afterwards.

Three months later when Kartza received this star he traded in his first USA Jackson - RR2319. Funnily years later that very same guitar became my first USA Jackson also. Currently it helps the Finnish Metal band Diablo deliver chart topping riffs. 7577 is still in excellent condition. The frets have been changed once and the original case has been sold earlier. As You can see from the pics it looks like a new guitar and feels like it too. Neck is thin and really fast. Unlike my other star this one has laquered neck and bindings. Kartza is a true shredder as evidenced by the 24 jumbo frets and fully recessed licensed FR. He also drilled another hole for the strap button to get the balance right. One of only 5 reverse headstock Jackson Stars that I've seen but surely there are more out there. The original pickups were changed over time and when I got it I put a Jackson J50BC and J100 on it.

The poplar body delivers a bright attack that makes the guitar bark like a dog when amplified.

Huge thanks to Kartza and Tuomas!!!