Jackson Custom Shop Strathead

This rare Jackson Strathead was originally custom ordered by Peter Fischer in 1994 when he was a Jackson endorsee. He is a great guitarist from Germany and probably best known for his instructional videos. Check out his website www.peterfischergitarre.de. Peter sold the guitar on Ebay circa 5 years ago and Mark bought it then. Now I was lucky to get a chance to buy it from Mark.

It's really rare to see this many custom features on one guitar. It has a Wilkinson tremolo system, Sperzel tuners, pearloid pickguard, Tom Anderson pickups with coil-splitting by push/pull volume knob, really slim birdseye maple neck, recessed neckplate area, strat style headstock painted to match the body, small Jackson logo, thick rosewood board, small frets, graphite nut... The list goes on. The unusual thing about this guitar is that it was ordered with a maple neck but it was too unstable for Peter so Jackson had to make him another one right away. The maple neck is still with Mark.

The sound is musical and very dynamic. It's not the loudest Strat acoustically but it comes alive when plugged into an amp. Overall it has a very professional feel to it and is a joy to play. This will be my SRV tribute guitar. It's the closest thing to his "Charleys" strat that I've seen among J/C guitars. Stevie Ray Vaughan was a true master of the instrument and in my opinion he also set a new standard for Strat guitar tone. Simply amazing!

Big thanks to Mark and Ian!!!