Charvel San Dimas Strat

Finally I was able to find a Rising Sun graphic Charvel Strat to pair up with my blue Jackson V. The "blue v" was originally owned by Gregg Wright. In the mid 80s Gregg played on the Jackson 5 Victory tour and he used a really cool Rising Sun Strathead Charvel. That guitar is in a Hard Rock Cafe nowadays but I always dreamed of getting a similar style guitar. This guitar popped up on Ebay Spain in a combined auction with two other SD Charvels. I contacted the seller and after the initial auction ended we made a deal on this one. I paid a lot more than what many would consider the market price for these but it was a have-to-have for me and it was worth every cent.

The guitar is all original apart from the strap buttons. I replaced them with NOS black Jackson/Charvel buttons. The neck is marked "3962, OBD, JG" and the neck pocket has a date "5-8-85, MG". The WO number 3962 is also written in the Kahler route. The guitar has survived in great condition with only 2-3 minor dings on the body. The neck has extra holes that came when the neck was put on a Kramer by the original owner. Unfortunately there is no case for the guitar.

Below is a closeup pic of the body. The Rising Sun graphics vary a lot and no two seem to be exactly the same. I've been told that the Japanese letters mean "thunder" and "way" but I have not verified that information.

The sound of this guitar is really loud acoustically with lots of "pop" in the attack. When played with a Marshall amp it reminds me of YJM's sound on his early LPs. It has that bright edge to it but yet is very powerful and clear.

Finally I've included pics of my Gregg Wright pair and his famous strathead Charvel. Be sure to visit Gregg's website