Jackson King V Custom

This is the first black Jackson King V ever made. Original owner of this guitar was John Vaughn from Chicago. Dave Ingram bought it from him in May of 1990. According to Dave the KV had a chrome Kahler Standard at that point. Dave never played the guitar that much so it remained in great shape with minimal fretwear. Later on Dave changed the hardware to white and replaced the pickups with EMGs. Dave kept the guitar for 14 years until he sold it together with another similar KV to Jim Shine. Soon afterwards Jim replaced the unoriginal hardware with parts transferred from a same period Soloist. I bought this guitar from Jim on January 6th, 2005. After some very unfortunate shipping hassles I finally got the guitar on February 10th.

This KV still has the Rhoads style control layout which appeared only on the very first KVs. The body shape looks very pointy cause the bevels are larger than on later models. The first ever official KV was logged on 2-5-85 and this one was made almost exactly one month later. There are a total of 48 King Vs in the pre-J1000 log and 22 of those are red which shows the Robbin Crosby influence. In 1986 Dave Mustaine got his first black KV and he made the body shape very popular in the late 80s.

J0506 is in unbelievable condition for it's age. It looks like a new guitar!!! The sound is as dark as the guitars appearance but in a good "evil" way. Jackson King V is my favorite guitar model so it means a lot to me to own a piece of its history.

Huge thanks to Jim!