Jackson Flying V Student

One of circa 30 Jackson San Dimas Flying Vs also known as roundhorn Vs. This guitar was a custom order by Gregg Wright who was at the time playing for The Jacksons. He played on the Victory CD and tour and since then has also played for Berlin, Mick Fleetwood and many others. Gregg is a great guitarist and his solo records are full of blazing guitar artistry. Visit his website at http://www.greggwright.com and buy his CDs if you want to be amazed! Gregg has a very unique style cause he's a left handed player but plays with right handed guitars without restringing them. So the strings are basically upside down! Besides this Flying V Gregg also ordered some other Jacksons.

On the left is a picture of Gregg playing live with Michael Jackson. I emailed Gregg about the Flying V and here's what he told me about it:

"So, you bought the Blue Jackson "V" . . . that is one very Baaaad Ass guitar, as I'm sure you've found out!! It was built for me by Grover Jackson of Charvel/Jackson, in 1985. I don't remember the wood exactly, but I do remember asking Grover for the custom Blue color and having a Floyd Rose and a single volume knob. The thing I remember best about this particular guitar is that it absolutely ROCKS!!! It plays great and has a KILLER TONE!! I used this guitar on several recording sessions, but mostly I played it live. Around 1989, I found myself with so many guitars (around 30!) that I literally had to have a room in my house just for holding guitars. When I became a Dad, I got rid of a lot of guitars and gear that was sitting around collecting dust, to make room for my newborn daughter. Since I'm primarily a Strat man, I (reluctantly) let the Blue "V" go. So, there you have it . . . the early history of the Blue Jackson "V"."

I bought this guitar from Robert Witte and he got it a few years ago from Rob Lane. Rob had taken the guitar to GMW where they refinished it black with a red logo. When Robert bought it he immediately had it redone back to original specs that he had verified from the Jackson Custom Shop. The guitar's condition is like new because of the recent refinishing. All parts are NOS or original. Below is a picture of the guitar from the time Rob Lane had it.

I'm a big fan of Accept so I've always dreamed of getting a Flying V and what better than a Custom Shop Jackson. The guitar weighs a ton and has a fat neck. The most amazing thing about it is the BIG sound.

Below is a picture from Robert's house. John Hayes is trying out my V!!!

Very special thanks to Gregg and Robert !!!