Jackson San Dimas Student King V

This guitar (Work Order 4864) was on Ebay in May 2008 and I worked out a trade to get it. White SD King V Student was something I had always been looking for. Thanks to Jackson logbooks I knew there were some of them out there but they seemed to hide for years until this one surfaced. I received the guitar June 4th 2008 and once I opened the case it was love at first sight. Those who own one of these old ones know the special feel they have. That mojo was all over this one.

The body is extremely lightweight alder and resonates very well. Bright and loud attack but a lot of weight and sustain to the sound due to neckthru construction. The rosewood board gives it nice warmth. One of the best ones I've ever laid my hands on and I just knew it was going to be special after I had opened the case. Below some more pics of this swan. :)

Big thanks to Yuji!