Jackson King V Custom

1985 San Dimas

I just have to have one black King V Custom. To me it's the ultimate thrash metal guitar. This one was auctioned on Ebay at the same time I got J0506 from Jim. I had to pass on it then but luckily Chris who got it put it up on JCF classifieds a year later. This guitar is somewhat unusual. It has all the charisma and feel of a San Dimas King V but it has some small details that make it special. Worth noticing is the strap button positioning - it's done similar to the very first circa 40 Randy Rhoads models. The neck shape is thinner than usual. It feels like the KV Pros and early KV1s. Of course later on the Mustaine specs became standard on KVs but this one was made a year before Mustaine got his. The control layout is also unique and very cool IMO. The sound of this guitar is fat and very dynamic. It sounds like a mixture of poplar and alder so really hard to be sure on which one it was made of. I changed the original bridge pickup to an old Duncan JB which is my personal favorite.

The guitar is in excellent condition with only very minor dings. Original case and parts came with it. The build quality is superb as we've come to expect from San Dimas Jacksons. I'm always amazed how perfectly the fretwork and bindings over frets have been done.

Huge thanks to Chris, Veli and Toru!