1986 Jackson San Dimas Telly

When I first saw this guitar I didn't think much of it but somehow I was drawn back to check the pics again and again and again and again. Something started to feel so right about it that I had to get it. The minute I opened the case and strummed the damn thing I knew my gut feeling was right. This is one of those rare monsters that make your whole body resonate when you play it.

The main specs of this guitar are quite normal but the color and matching head are really rare options. The color looks either green or blue depending on the lights and it reminds me of those old 50s Cadillacs. Just beautiful and classy!

The guitar was bought from the original owner who used to play in the French pop band Niagara. It's all original apart from a replaced tone pot. Something about this guitar makes me play The Clash songs. RIP Joe Strummer!

Huge thanks to Val!