1986 Jackson Custom Star

I've wanted an 80s neck-thru Jackson Star since 2002 and finally was able to score one. This guitar is work order 7109 and has the larger style Star body which is mostly seen with Kahler and TOM equipped guitars. I personally prefer it over the original star shape that has a deeper cut-out.

The color is either Midnite Blue or Cobalt Blue and is very cool. The Kahler non-tremolo bridge was an option in 1986 but for some reason we don't see it often. Interestingly the guitar has a trem route under the bridge which could be a mistake or done on purpose to allow an option to later change to a Kahler tremolo. There is no indication on the guitar that it was ever modded and everything looks original. It is possible the nut has been changed at some point but hard to tell for sure. The guitar came with original case and has remained in really good condition overall.


Special thanks to Mark!