Jackson King V Custom

Dave Mustaine - MEGADETH

This Jackson King V was made for Dave Mustaine in 1986 and he used it almost exclusively up to 1991. We have seen it everywhere from Megadeth videos and bootlegs to magazine photos and posters. As You can see from the work order scan he had to pay for it and only got a 10% discount. It wasn't until early 90s that he started getting a truckload of endorsement deal guitars for free due to his successful signature models being introduced.

During its thrash metal years this guitars has suffered a lot. It was refinished at least once and there has been a headstock repair done once or twice. The wings have gotten shorter from damages and the headstock has been shortened when repaired so the guitar has a somewhat "dinky" look to it. It originally came with covered Jackson pickups and JE1200 active electronics. After the Peace Sells tour the guitar was refinished and regular size Duncan DDJ and Lawrence L500 pickups were installed. The old screwholes from the oversized Jackson pickups are still visible and there is a battery holder in the electronics cavity. There is a also line in the headstock binding suggesting a repair at some point.

I have verified this guitar through factory documentation and various high quality images where the serial number is auditable. 7th fret inlay is also very charismatic and can be used for identification. My theory is that Dave didn't have other Megadeth logo KVs until 90-91 when he got two more. If someone wants to prove me wrong feel free to send me a pic of Dave with two MD logo guitars or a live bootleg video where he actually changes guitars. Also it's very unlikely that the others would have disappeared from the face of the earth if they existed. I know of only the two others that were made later on. One was refinished silver and is still with Dave. It's serial is DM010 and it has a unique control layout making it a match with the anarchy sticker MD logo King V. The third one has a toggle switch and to my understanding was owned by Rob Lane. I'm continuing research on this guitar so stay tuned!

The bridge originally had brass rollers so either the whole bridge or the saddles have been replaced. The guitar is very lightweight and has a bright tone. The lack of bass in the sound gives it that Megadeth articulation/definition. The guitar is very comfortable to play. The neck shape is thinner than normal Jacksons from the same period. If You've played a Jackson King V Pro or early KV1 then You would feel very familiar with this neck. The KV Pro model has been copied from this guitar to great extent including the somewhat unusual pickup placement and short headstock.

I have been a huge Megadeth fan for close to 20 years and been playing Megadeth riffs daily for the past 10 so You can imagine how much it means to me to own this guitar! I will continue to update this page and my Dave Mustaine tribute site with new information and pics so come back often! Below some more pics...

MEGA THANKS to Robert !!!