Jackson King V Custom

Here we have a great example of a late 80s custom Jackson. This is pretty much the basic layout for most of the King Vs from that era - Jackson pickups and tremolo, volume, tone, 3-way switch, 22 jumbo frets. I bought this guitar from German Ebay. The seller was Georg Braun, guitarist of Possession. You can check his band out here: Possession.

When I received the guitar it had a TRS-101 Floyd Rose copy installed. I didn't like it at all and wanted to make the guitar original again so I bought a NOS Jackson JT6 tremolo for it. JT6 is considered by many to be low quality, but I personally think it sounds and feels great and is stronger and more durable than JT590.

What I like about this particular guitar is the neck and the sound. It's a lot different from the normal poplar body sound. It has the same heaviness but also a lot of bright "twang" to it. Combined with a great fat San Dimas profile neck this is one of my favorite players. This guitar has been used a lot so it has a lot of wear and typical damage on the points.

Another great thing about this King V is that it's like a smaller version of Robbin Crosby's J0139 - white Double Rhoads guitar pictured on the left.

Huge thanks to Georg!