Jackson King V Custom

Rick Hunolt

Custom built in 1989 for Rick Hunolt of Exodus. Jackson King V Custom J5224:
Zig Zag inlays, dual EMG’s and original Floyd Rose. Nowadays
in near mint condition and a fantastic player.

Particularly during my younger years I admired the fine and personal guitar work of the legendary H-team. They created the recognizable ‘Exodus’ style partly through their grooving yet tight style of playing the guitar — this is not an easy task to accomplish in music. They are also great live performers both visually and musically. In my youth I watched these guys playing amazing guitar figures and solos, standing back to back with their chests thrust forward.

In my opinion Exodus is without a doubt one of the pioneers and masters of modern metal guitar playing. My own playing style is also strongly influenced by Rick and Gary. We can hear the same influences in the music of many current metal/rock bands.

This guitar looks and sounds just the way you would expect it to. It has poplar wings and a slightly more ‘open’ sound as it has been played a lot. One of the wings is now a little shorter than it was as a result of the rock and roll lifestyle the guitar has experienced.

Below is a link to an MP3 sample from 2004. It showcases a guitar playing section in the song Forward March and includes some fine and emotional solo guitar work. First solo by Rick and then another by Gary.

Exodus sample 2004

Here, the second pickup looks quite old and slightly rugged. See photograph.

Personally I have never really liked a lot of the 90s EMG pickups. My opinion is that the sound of tone-woods is more natural when using passive pickups. I am familiar with the differences between woods and their tones and like to use passive pickups on my instruments. They just suit me so much better. It is true to say that good sounding guitar work can be heard on many Metallica songs. Especially in the quiet parts with the clean guitar sounds the EMG pickups convey a pure and sparkling sound.

I have heard that over the years this guitar has had several pickup configurations from passive to active, back and forth depending on the owner’s preference at the time. I personally haven’t used EMG pickups for ten years now but have the chance to test an older one a little. I have heard that a few of the older EMG pieces are better.