1989 Jackson King V Custom

WO 5110 - While 24 fret 80s RRs are considered rare and desirable many forget that outside Mustaine's MD logo KV we have not really seen other 24 fret KVs from that era. Before this one popped up the 1990 Warbird KV was the earliest know non-Mustaine 24 fretter. Of course later on 24 frets became the standard but for many like me the later ones without 80s heavy poplar just won't do for thrash metal.

This guitar seems all original with untouched electronics (J80 and J50N), JT590 tremolo and other usual HW for the period. Note also the 89 smaller logo. What is also common to that era is the strong yellowing of the laquer making this one seem ivory in appearance while it's white pearl originally. No case came with guitar. Perfect wide and full neck profile!

Special thanks to a friend in US!