Jackson King V Custom

One of only very few reverse head/tunamatic strings-thru bridge King Vs ever build. This guitar was originally build for a famous photographer Rick Gould, who also did a lot of endorsing for Jackson, Charvel and Kahler. Photographers were often paid in guitars and Rick had four Charvels/Jacksons. You can see his name appearing alongside many old Jackson catalog photos. So this is one of the four guitars made for Rick Gould as a job compensation. First one was a grim reaper graph Charvel, second was a Soloist, then this King V and the fourth guitar was an Archtop.

Original warranty and hang-tang card in the case. No work order yet, but has been requested from Jackson. Layout matches the log entry. The condition is flawless. Rick kept it mostly in it's original case and it's still like a new guitar. Some black paper lifting around the tuners.

Playing wise the guitar is quite different from usual Jacksons. The neck has a Les Paul feel to it. Rick told me: "That was the intention. I wanted an "old school" guitar in a fancy package". The reverse head and tune-o-matic bridge add to the overall quality of woods to make this the best riffing weapon I've ever had. Very dry, musical, dynamic, articulate and powerful sound. Really! :)

Rick Gould sold the guitar in a package deal to Robert Witte in 2000. I then bought it for Xmas in 2002. Thanx for a dream guitar Robert and Rick!

Rick Gould was kind enough to write me an email about the guitar. Here's what he told me:

"I ordered this guitar from scratch. Grover (Jackson) owed me for some photos used in the catalog that I took, so he said he'd make me another guitar. I started to describe it to him and he just threw a pad of paper over the desk and said, "Here, just write it down..." Since I had a lot of Flying V's and most of the guitars they made had tremolos (Floyd or Kahler), I told him I did not want anything with a trem. I wanted the electronics to be simple and no funky electronics (EMG's or anything). I wanted it to be silver sparkle (I actually expected it to be those big chunkie sparkles but that was the only dissapointment). Reverse headstock and pearl inlay. Clean and simple and lightweight. That was it. When I first got it, the wood must have still been green and wet because the neck bowed drastically when the weather changed. After a couple years it dried out and after one adjustment it was perfect. I never played it except for the day I picked it up and one or two other times showing it to a friend. I actually put it in storage and forgot about it until I pulled out the case one day and saw that it had just been sitting there with the tags and everything still on it all that time. So it was built to my specs from scratch."

"Rock maple neck thru with poplar wings...standard construction at the time. I would have prefered mahogany, but I forgot to ask for it."

"I don't know the answer to that except to say that the whole guitar was handmade for me. The Made In Usa would have been part of the logo decal they normally used and this was cut out of mother of pearl, so that is probably it."

A funny thing about this guitar is that I came to know Rick Gould because of it and later on we found out that Rick has photographed my RR0849 live in 1987 and in photo sessions first with Chris Holmes and then with Lita Ford between 1989-1990. Thanks for the great photos Rick!