1990 Jackson King V Custom

This guitar was one of the first custom KVs I saw online when starting my Jackson collecting. Back then I had very little money and had to pass on it. Now almost 10 years later this guitar popped back up and my friend Ian gave me a heads up on it. I bought the guitar from Tommy's Guitar Shop and a week later it arrived in Finland in excellent condition.

The guitar looks really classy with an aged white pearl finish highlighted by black pinstripes and ivoroid bindings. It has that thrash metal tone that we've come to expect from the heavy poplar bodied KVs of this era. Single pickup King Vs are really rare and I can't recall seeing many others. Otherwise the features are very typical. One oddity is the tuners which have 90 degree angle to the screw hole instead of 45. The only explanation I can think of is that they first drilled the whole for the key holder and then noticed that regular tuners will not fit. The guitar came with original case but nonoriginal pickup and pushed in knobs that I doubt are from factory. I really love the simplicity of this guitar and the kickass sound it delivers.

Big thanks to Ian and Tommy!