Jackson Y2KV Final Prototype

This guitar was built in 1999 for Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. It was used regularly by him until he stopped playing Jacksons and moved to ESP. You can see this guitar on Risk Tour gigs, including the famous Woodstock 99, Denver 99 and Seoul 2000 live videos. It also appears on numerous photos and video footage. Below are some screen captures from the Denver live concert.

Y2KV was Dave's own signature model that he designed with the Jackson Custom Shop. During the design process various prototypes were built and this was the last of them. Production of Y2KVs started in early 2000 and before that Dave only had four Y2KV models that he used on tour - two with string-thru tunamatic bridges (J6460, J6466) and two with Floyd Rose bridges (J6479, J6480). I will later add pics and info on all the Y2KV prototypes so stay tuned! Below is a scan of the work order for J6466.

This guitar sound totally amazing. Much more info and pics coming up later...

Special thanks to Robert for making my dream come true!!!