Jackson King V Custom

Dave Mustaine Replica

One of my all time favorite guitars is Dave Mustaine's silver King V. To me it was THE Megadeth guitar - a perfect reflection of their music. This guitar is a very accurate reproduction done by the Jackson Custom Shop. It was ordered by a Megadeth fan and completed in 2001. Soon afterwards I saw it on Ebay but at the time didn't have the money to buy it. I was really disappointed cause it was one of my dream guitars. Ever since I kept looking for a silver US made King V without luck. In early 2005 Toru told me of his new score - this guitar. I asked Toru to let me know if he ever considers selling it and a month ago Toru contacted me and told if I wanted it it would be mine. We made the deal immediately. I had great expectations for this guitar and it fulfilled them all. It looks awesome, plays awesome and more importantly from the start it felt like I had been playing it forever. This is going to get a LOT of playing time.

Special thanks to Toru!