2005 Jackson 25th Anniversary King Kelly

#13 of 25 - a Custom Shop limited edition King Kelly based on the original Special Explorer designed by Bradford Kelly of Australian rock band Heaven. The first one was serial J0029 seen below in its current home in Switzerland as well as in action with B.K. A total of 20 Special Explorers were made before the downsized and simplified Kelly shape took over.

I bought this guitar new in February 2010. It was imported to UK by Sound Control which later went to administration. The guitar was sold among many others to Music Ground, Leeds where I got it. It was new but due to lack of maintenance in very vintage feeling condition. Rusty, dusty, dry and tried. :)

This guitar weighs a lot due to the huge body but that weight carries over to the sound also. The guitar reacts to playing suprisingly strong and is loud acoustically. Jackson did a great job with the specs overall creating a guitar that feels like the old ones. I could have lived without the Custom Shop logo and special truss rod cover. Also I wish they had done the original control cavity shape and put a white tip on the toggle switch. But those are just minor things in relation to how awesome these guitars are. I'm sure this will see a lot of playtime. The guitar came with all paperwork and a CD with photos taken during the building process. One such pic is shown below...

Thanks to Robert for all the King Kelly information!