1988 Jackson Select Flame Maple Arch-top Soloist

The original Soloist Archtop series was introduced in 1986 and went on until 1994. During this time only 180 ATs left the factory in total. In around 87 the AT line was the most expensive model in the Jackson family and 3 different basic versions were marketed. Naturally all custom requests were welcomed too!

I've always loved ATs cause they are like the Les Paul of the Jackson family. I've been searching for the right one for a loooong time. I always figured I wanted something similar to Billy Gibbon's "El Loco" guitar that's actually a Custom made Erlewine Automatic. Erlewines, AFAIK, were among the first superstrats to include Gibson specs and thus taking things more towards the birth of the Jackson Soloist. Just my thought.

This guitar has a lot of mojo. I like the feel of the Gibson style laquer that was used on these models although it makes the colors seem much darked than normal Jackson poly finish.

According to the original owner of this guitar he ordered it through a Jackson rep so it was his personal order. He was suggested the Jackson pickups but he didn't like them at all so they were immediately changed to the Duncans. The white nut was also changed for a black one. The guitar had a high spot in the fretboard so it was taken back to the factory and when it returned the serial number was mostly gone due to fretboard levelling. The strap buttons have been changed to Schallers.

Now I just need some cheap sunglasses!!! :)