Jackson Randy Rhoads Limited Edition

Jackson RR Ltd guitar was ordered 1992 with another similar one from Jackson Guitars through finnish distributor. These two guitars were ordered by a company Backline Oy located at Oulu. Juhas guitar was hanging on a shop several years as a sample of Jackson Custom Shop quality. Shopkeeper bought this particular instrument for himself because he surely knew the value of it. As usually those guitars that are made as limited quantities will be rare later and the value of them will rise later. Shopkeeper sold this instrument as unused to Juha 1999. It has never used anywhere. It has only taken care (re-stringed, cleaned and fine tuned time to time.)

History in Backline Oy:

Many musician tried it and noticed how extremely fine instrument it is. The tone is well balanced and sound is very - very big. Seymour Duncan Custom (bridge) and jazz (neck) pickups work very well in this guitar. Clean sound is powerfull and especiallywith neck pickup alone when volume pot is on 4 to 5. Because LTD is made as those original Randy Rhoads guitars the scale is shorter than normally. 24 1/2" scale makes this instrument very fast to play but it still has very good tension on it. RR Ltd is medium weight so this makes it sound very rich and strong. This guitar has incredible good sensitivity while it is "neck thru" guitar. The tonewoods are very carefully choosen so this makes it happen.

This guitar has survived out from two waterflows and two burglaries. 1992 there was a night burglary in Bacline two times. Then two white Jackson guitars was stolen but this RR Ltd was untouched??? it would be truth that they did not understood the value of this particular instrument. otherwise it would be taken. 1994 it survived when dirty water came in to a shop from ceiling. 1999 this guitar was handing on the wall when icecold water came into the shop. Jackson RR Ltd did not got any problems after that because it was hanging so faraway from the point where the water came in. Maybe we can say this guitar has born under lucky stars. Lets hope its life will continue and nothing bad will not happen to it.

ToneMan / Pekka

I have owned LTD 1992 Jackson Randy Rhoads guitar for over four years now and I'm very pleased with it. Guitar is in completely mint condition and it doesn't have any scratches although I have used it in studio sessions and rehearsals. This instrument is one of Jacksons unquestionable showcases of guitar craftmanship. LTD is the most soulful and in its own way the most fascinating instrument that I have ever played and I have tried hundreds of quality guitars.

The sound has something mystical to it that can be expected only from very high quality guitars. The sound is very huge and it's characteristics are very brilliant and harmonic. Upper ranges all in their right places. Guitar's tonal color is simply so beautiful that it can be used anywhere without sacrificing any elements or sounds in the music. There is always room for a great and unique sound in the mix. Guitars overall tone is light it has a lot of other characteristics and exotic elements that you will not hear in other instruments.

Very sensitive and unique instrument and reminds me of Antonio Stradivar's accomplishments in the violin world. This guitar was built with neck-thru construction so it sings like a big violin, REALLY. In fact the violins are made with only the set-neck construction. :)

Thanks to Pekka! Also my personal thanx to the webmaster.