1984 Jackson Rhoads Custom

This guitar was built in 1984 for Chris Holmes when he played in W.A.S.P. It was originally a white full size Rhoads with black bevels. In 1986 the guitar got damaged and was repaired by Mike Shannon at the Jackson Custom Shop and then refinished by Dan Lawrence to the famous zebra & lionhead graphic.

I bought this guitar direct from Chris in early 2003. Chris sold it because he was looking to get away from the W.A.S.P. image. The guitar was used on all first four Wasp tours and appeared in magazines all over the world. It was seen on classic videos such as "I Don't Need No Doctor", "Scream Until You Like It" and "Forever Free". It was also used by Lita Ford for a photoshoot she did with photographer Rick Gould. Later on the guitar was used live with Psycho Squad and also appeared on later W.A.S.P. promotional pictures for K.F.D. album.

When I received this guitar it was in quite bad shape from all the touring but still playable. Chris had also done several modifications to the guitar either to replace broken parts or to match his current preferences. I wanted to slowly bring the guitar closer to it's 1986 appearance so I bought some period correct parts to replace those that were changed or in bad shape. Biggest change was going from the Ibanez Gibraltar bridge back to the old Rhoads TOM. I also found an old Duncan Distortion DDJ and took out the DiMarzio Chris had put on the guitar prior to shipping to me. Some parts of the tuners needed to be replaced so I used another period correct set as a donor.

I have created an informative website about Chris Holmes guitars. You can find more information about this guitar and many others at www.jacksonguitarpalace.com/chrisholmes.

Big thanks to Chris Holmes!