Jackson Randy Rhoads Custom

A beautiful white RR. This one was my first San Dimas Jackson and
I was amazed by its quality. The bindings over frets is a cool
feature. This gtr has original jumbo frets which is rare for a SD Randy.
Other than that the layout is the usual white with black hardware.

Condition is near perfect. The gtr seemed almost unplayed when I received
it. I bought it from Chris Grimmett of Chris Guitars NY/USA and that's
all the history I know of her. The guitar arrived at my home door 5.11.2002.
Matches the log entry and is all original. OHSC is also in great shape.

This may sound odd because it's a RR, but the sound is so close to late 80s
and early 90s Megadeth that it's creepy. I play through a Marshall Silver
Jubilee head and the sound I get with this gtr is very close to the tone
on Megadeth's cover of Alice Cooper's "No More Mr. Nice Guy".

Updated on 15.3.2003: Jani sold the gtr to Ari.