Jackson Randy Rhoads Custom

Made in 1987 in Ontario. The guitar is all original and still in very nice condition. It has a Leopard finish with black bindings and body back. Has also a couple of great special features like US Made Kahler Tremolo and unfinished neck with no bindings. The neck is also a bit thinner than the most of the USA Rhoads' necks. The pickups are Jackson J-80 in the bridge and Jackson J50N in the neck position. In my opinion this Leo is definately one of the best Jacksons I've ever played. It is very easy to play and has great sound and sustain!

Update : Teemu sold RR1982 to Tommi who gave it to his daughter Laura. Here are pictures where Laura plays her RR`s for the first time. She is only 4 months old but she played almost better than his daddy ;) Because her small size (so far) Laura have to play guitar like "famous" Sepi Kumpulainen (from the up).