1987 Jackson Rhoads Custom

When I received this guitar it was really dirty and all the parts were rusty. I slowly took it apart and cleaned everything. It's in amazing original condition apart from the headstock chip. Work order 0742 - matches logbook. Jackson J80 & J50N pickups. I replaced the original JT-6 with a mint one off Ebay - Big thanks to Brian for helping me to get it! The poplar body on this guitar is very lightweight. The neck profile is fat and more San Dimas feeling than Ontario.

There's a lot of variation between Jackson zebra and bengal finishes. Mostly they do a "lazy" version with fat stripes. This one is the closest I've seen to the way Dan Lawrence did them on RR0849. This is also the first Custom RR I've seen pop up with a zebra finish and I've been looking forever. There have been some student models and also zebras that were not B&W. I also know of one with star inlays. But I've never found one with sharkfins before. Dan Spitz used to have one though.

Welcome to the jungle!