Jackson Randy Rhoads Custom

A dream come true: full body zebra graph. This guitar came from Tim Rose who is
a Charvel/Jackson collector living in USA. I emailed him asking if he's seen any
zebra RRs around and my timing was perfect. He had just decided to let this one go
and had already but her up on Ebay. We made an out of Ebay deal within a couple of
days, but I was also the high bidder at that point.

Here's how Tim described the guitar in the auction details:

"This auction is for a rare early USA RR-1 Randy Rhoads Custom offset flying V with
a full-body red and black Tiger/Zebra graphic (you tell me, lol!). The guitar is 100%
original and both plays and sounds exceptional. I have had many Rhoads models and this
one is a rock star! It has a rare all-chrome hardware layout including the "pickguard"
(electronics cover)and tuning keys. The Floyd is the factory original trem with the
old-style screw-in arm. It comes with its' original hardshell case as well. The guitar
is in almost perfect condition with one small nick (touched up) on the long wing in
the black; virtually unnoticable.

The previous and original owner of this guitar comes from Canada. Her name is Dina Tonin
and I've emailed with her about the guitars history. Here's what she had to say:

"Well, when i bought it it was the later 1980's. the "height" of the heavy metal
era. I was into guitar playing and very much a metal head and wanted a really cool
unique guitar. I was 18, working and making good money so I decided to go right over
the top and buy a Jackson. This type of guitar was something that had to be ordered
factory direct at the time."

"Black and red were my two favourite colours at the time, and animal prints were the
headbanger thing to do, so I decided on zebra...and I chose chrome hardware for some
shine and contrast."

"There's not a real glorified history to the instrument, it was used for personal playing,
jam sessions with "garage"bands and that type of thing. I never was one that had grand
aspirations as a musician, I just wanted a real cool guitar."

"My musical tastes changed over time, and I wasn't playing on it as much as I used to, so
I decided to sell it...I guess that was about a year and a half ago now."

The guitar matches the log entry which says RR2283 2/1/89, red/black zebra, floyd rose.
The condition is excellent. The chrome hardware really shines! Feel and sound of the guitar
are very close to San Dimas RRs which I like. It has the 80s metal sound all over it and
top Jackson quality all the way.