Jackson Randy Rhoads Custom

This guitar was a custom shop order through Musamaailma from someone in
Helsinki. It came back to the store and a musical family gave her
a new home later on. In the spring of 2002 Jani spotted a classifieds add
in Keltainen Pörssi and bought the guitar and then later on sold her forward
to me.

This guitar was originally a single hummer but a neck pickup was later added
by guitar luthier Härönen in Oulu. At that time the original EMG81 pickup
was also exchanged for two EMG89 pickups in Backline music shop.

She has chips on wings and headstock and some cracking around the fretboard.
The most interesting thing about this guitar is the neck. It's really fat!
The guitar has a really heavy sound. Since the gtr has already been modded
I'm gonna make it my project guitar and try some visions that I've had for
some time now. But I'm not gonna give away those secrets. :)