Jackson Rhoads Custom

This was Sami´s custom order and I saw this axe first time at 1989 when Sami gigged with her. Originally the colour was metallic black with yellow bevels. This was the second Jackson with yellow bevels what I saw (first was Roope´s Jackson). It was love at first sight! Since then I have tried to make deal with Sami. Lucky me the deal was finished at the same week than my son was borned :)

Sami gigged hard with this RR and the painting was gone from the upper wing. Sami decided to refinish this baby and then the bevels was gone. The colour is today the same metallic black as it was ordered originally but without the yellow bevels.

The pickups were originally J-50BC + J-50N. The electronics was JE-1000. Sami liked EMG better and put EMG-85 at the bridge and Seymour Duncan at the neck. The original pickups are still in the case but the original electronics are missed.

This Rhoads have original frets and what is rare in Finnish ordered Jackson is that this have bindings over frets (like San Dimas customs). It´s really nice and unique feature! Luckily the frets have plenty of playing time left so I could enjoy from this feature a long time!

24 fret Jackson USA Rhoads are my number one so I´m very lucky to own this beauty! You could see this axe at action in the Sami´s band KATALA website: www.katala.org