Jackson Randy Rhoads Custom
Jack Frost - Seven Witches

A custom order by Jack Frost of Seven Witches, this guitar is a replica of Chris Holmes's RR0849 in it's original layout. You can see Chris playing the original in the two pics on the bottom of the page. This guitar is more like a tribute than an accurate copy. I bought this guitar from Justin Coffman who has a great online guitar store at www.jcguitars.com. It's funny to look at this and the RR0849 on the same wall - kinda like before and after Chris Holmes. :)

I contacted Jack Frost and he was very friendly and gave me some great information about this guitar. Here is what he emailed me:

hi bro
fukin killer glad to see it went to a special guy yes it was mine well hear goes
i got it around 98 from drumcity this was before i was a jackson guy yes it came
with 1 hub i had a great guitar guy rout the other pickup wish i didnt i know like
only single. i used it on the first witches cd and the accept tribute its a alder body
with a gibson style tail piece its a killer axe i went on to using kellys for savatage,
metalium etc and now have switches to gmps
take care of her she was special stay metal

Here are two photos that Jack sent me. They were taken during the recording of Seven Witches first album - Second War In Heaven. It's a classic metal album and I recommend it to everyone!

Jack Frost is one of the few true metal guitarists out there. Check out his cool website here and visit Seven Witches here.

I've always favored the older Jacksons but this one from 1998 sounds damn good and is fun to play. The biggest disappointment is that they didn't copy the line of text written on the back of the original's neck! :)

Huge thanks to Justin and Jack!!!