Jackson Extreme Rhoads Custom

Almost my personal custom order! :) Allow me to explain. In January 2004 I wrote down specs for a possible Jackson Custom Shop order. My idea was to have a guitar that would be close to my Chris Holmes zebra Rhoads but with some small differences to reduce the price and to give it my own touch. I gave the specs to Kevin Easton for a quote. He forwarded them to Jackson and scanned the order form for me. Below is the gif he sent me via email.

After I got the quote I started to change my mind about things and decided that it was not the time to make my own order yet. But apparently Kevin Easton liked the specs cause a year later a similar guitar appeared for sale on his website. The only differences against my order were the color and pickup models. Are the following similarities a coincidence or not? - You'll be the judge.

- XTRR body from ASH
- CREAM bindings
- NO truss rod cover
- SHORT scale (24.75)
- HS pickup layout
- Chrome bridge and stoptail BUT black hardware
- Headstock painted SAME as body
- CROSS inlays
- SMALL frets
- San Dimas & KV2 Speed neck profile
- ONLY volume knob

I'm not saying he stole my specs but...:)

On the left are two pics from Easton Guitars store. First one is when it originally appeared. After it was once marked sold and removed from the site it then reappeared and Kevin took the second pic of it.

Anyway what makes the story even funnier is that in May of 2004 I preordered a Charvel Limited Retro Strathead Star from Kevin. I paid him a large deposit of circa 1240USD. Well guess what, apparently he never ordered the guitar. When I started calling about it in Autumn all I got was "the guitar should be here any day". Well, then I saw the first used ones on Ebay and it was clear to me that I was never gonna get mine. I tried various ways to get something for my money from Easton with no luck. I got a lot of promises though. HAHA!

When this guitar reappeared on Kevin's site I knew this was my chance. I had seen it earlier with a price oover 2500USD and passed. Now it was 1795USD and listed with a different pickup. I don't know what happened in between but I didn't care. I called Kevin asap and made a deal. I told I wanted to use the deposit I had already paid for the Charvel. He estimated the shipping at 400USD (!?) and at first tried to charge 250USD more from my CC than agreed. Luckily that transaction failed for other reasons. After the payment was done I kept calling him for the tracking number. Every time I called he promised to ship the same day, but of course it never happened. Finally after four days I got a DHL tracking number! The guitar arrived 31.03.2005 with all the case candy one would expect from a new guitar. I was really excited when I opened the case and at the same time worried cause nothing had gone right with Easton before. I was really glad to find out that the guitar was safe. And what a guitar it is! Custom Jackson to my specs at a good price.

The guitar plays great! It's acoustically dynamic and has a full tone. The guitar feels awfully small due to the XTRR body and short scale neck but I'm getting used to it. And altough I still would have preferred a zebra graphic I must say the Crimson Swirl graphic is very cool.

Thanks to Ian for the lead!