Jackson Randy Rhoads Custom
Chris Holmes replica

Replica of the white rhoads that Chris Holmes ordered in 1984 and which later was refinished with the famous zebra/lionhead graphic. Check info about the original here : RR0849.

Jani was second owner of this guitar, then Ari. Currently owned by Monni. Original owner of this guitar was Toru and Jani asked him to write his story about the guitar. Here is what he had to say:

This White Rhoad is a replica of Chris Holmes's Rhoads he used to use back in 80's. I happened to find a webpage with bunch of Chris Holmes pics and saw many pictures of this guitar and later I learned this White Guitar became the famous Zebra with Lion Head Rhoads that every Jackson fan should know of.

My original plan was to go with the Black Rhoads with White Bevels that I saw in the videos of "I wanna Be Somebody" and "L.O.V.E. Machine" back in 84. I didn't like a simple Black headstock and wanted something real custom looking. I wanted to add something real killer. The Black Rhoads had this lettering of "I'M A ANIMAL" in White. I simply wanted that on my White one but in Black Lettering. It really made this guitar something special. So this Rhoads is the result of 2 Chris's guitars combined.

As for the guitar specs, I chose Poplar wood for the body and Maple for the neck because I thought these would be the very popular choice of 80's Jackson and also I like these wood. It has old San Dimas shape neck which I believe it is slightly thicker than the newer recent Jackson guitars. I chose Jumbo frets without a question and Duncan JB. Again, I just wanted to choose what I thought would sound the best so I chose the JB.

Another important thing about this guitar, it would be the bridge. I saw a relic Rhoads Custom at Summer NAMM 2003 and it had this bridge they used to use back in early 80's which I also saw it on Chris's Rhoads guitars. I contacted Jackson through the dealer and they confirmed these are available for $100 upcharge.

I ordered this guitar back in January 2004 and I received it in January 2005. The guitar was originally ordered through GMW when Lee was still a Jackson dealer until I found out he lost his dealership in last summer. Matt's Music took over my order and I received my guitar from Matt. The guitar plays and sound great. It was my first custom order Jackson.

in April 2005, I had this major tax problem with my business and ended up selling most of my guitars including this. I am glad Jani bought this because he would be the only one I would be happy to let this go with. I have learned a lot from his website.

Like I said before, this guitar really plays great. Most of replicas are more for visuals than playability. This one turned out to be the best playing Jackson I have ever played.

So again, Thank you so much Jani! Good luck on getting more cool Jackson and looking forward to see your collection to grow bigger!

Take care!

Your friend,


Again and again Jackson Custom shop delivers the goods. This guitar is simply awesome in every way. Feel, looks and sound - it's all there.

Below some pics of Chris Holmes playing the original white rhoads in W.A.S.P.

I'm very lucky to own this guitar.

Thank You Toru!!!