Jackson KV1 w/Floyd Rose

Dave Mustaine - MEGADETH

This Jackson KV1 was made for Dave Mustaine in 1997 with a rare Floyd Rose bridge option. Dave often needed a tremolo version of his signature guitars for touring. Mustaine used this guitar a lot on the Cryptic Writings tour and first part of Risk tour. It seemed to be his show opener and used for the first 3-4 songs. Some of the more memorable appearances are Woodstock 99 and Monsters Of Rock 1998. The guitar has been pictured on many magazines including at least two different Young Guitar magazine tour reports.

I purchased this guitar from Eric through Ebay. Eric had gotten the guitar directly from Dave in 2000 and it had been sitting its case ever since. The condition is very good for a touring guitar apart from considerable fretwear that will need leveling soon. The neck pickup is reversed which is a feature also mentioned in the YG report. There is also foam underneath the volume knobs to prevent them from moving too easily. Other than the FR bridge this guitar is identical to the KV1 production model.

I will continue to update this page and my Dave Mustaine tribute site with new information and pics so come back often! Below two action pics. Notice Dave's wristbands - there was a pair in the guitar case! :)

HUGE THANKS to Eric for a dream guitar !!!