KV Pro

Jackson King V Pro Mustaine Signature King V Pro was introduced in 1993 and was the first Jackson model to have Dave’s signature on the headstock. It was made in Japan as part of Jackson professional series. For the first production year KV Pro was offered in black and silver sparkle finishes. In 1994 the… Continue reading KV Pro

Yellow Star

Custom parts Star body Sometimes referred to as the Yellow Beast or Yellow Shit, this guitar is probably the most beat up axe ever used. The body is a wreck and it’s hard to believe that the guitar is still usable – but it is! It has survived chainsaws, fire, biting etc. and is still… Continue reading Yellow Star


Jackson KV1 Dave Mustaine signature The Jackson KV1 was the US-made successor to the King V Pro. The KV1 was in production from 1996 to 2001, making it the longest running Mustaine signature series. Specifications changed a little during the five years: Early KV1s were offered in either black pearl or natural korina finishes. Poplar… Continue reading KV1

First KV

“Blue” Jackson Rhoads Student On “In My Darkest Hour” music video Dave plays a Jackson Rhoads Student with a Kahler tremolo bridge. The guitar has a standard Jackson Rhoads layout but it’s painted blue with a matching headstock, pink bevels and seems to have some sort of skull graphic on the body. I haven’t seen… Continue reading First KV